Hilbert’s troubles

21 July 2010

While digging in the early computability literature, I found a precious and long forgotten account of the history of Hilbert’s problems. I’m proud to present my discovery to the scientific community.

*** david (daboss@uni-göttingen.de) has joined #logic
<david> plz, solve integer eqns and prove completness of teh arithmetics
<kurt> just 1 sec, brb
* kurt is away: proving some stuff
* kurt is back
<kurt> lol dave, taek a look at this: https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01700692
<david> at least solve teh entsk^Wentschi^W entscheidungsproblem...
<alonzo> cant do that, lambada calculus proves it
<kurt> oh stfu alonzo
<alan> my machiens are liek people and cant do it
<alonzo> alan: your right, and so am i (told ya)
<kurt> lol dave, epic fail!!1!
<alan> lmao
<david> wtf is wrong with you ppl??
<gottlob> i kno the feeling bro
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After a few pages (omitted here) there’s a final remark on the subject:

<yuri> oh btw, cant solve integer eqns either